ImageSetters March Treasure Hunt!

Posted by on March 13, 2013

What To Do:
The Livermore Valley Wine Country bottle neckers may be found at wine events, in stores, wineries, and restaurants in the Bay Area. If you spot one, take a picture and post it to our Facebook page (or email it to us with information on how to contact you) to receive a special gift from ImageSetters! No Camera? That’s OK! Simply send us a message telling us where you spotted the neckers. The first 25 responses will receive free gifts.

Why We Do It:
ImageSetters is a local business and we work mainly with other local small businesses. In an effort to promote both our clients’ and our own services, we thought it would be fun and useful to have these “Treasure Hunts” to create brand awareness. It is a fact that a higher percentage of the money that is spent locally stays in the local economy. So, have some fun and help keep our local economy healthy too!

How You Can Help:
Please share our event on your page as everyone is welcome to participate… except of course – employees and family members who are associated with ImageSetters or the wineries in the Livermore Valley.

PS – Stay tuned to our events as there will be more Treasures for you to “Hunt” very soon…

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